Best IDEs for Data Science

In this post, I would be discussing different IDE(Integrated Development Environment)s that are available for data science. The predominant programming languages for data science are Python and R. While python is widely used on the professional front i.e. in real-time projects, R is mainstream in academics and research in Data Science.
For R :-

  • Jupyter Notebook, in Jupyter notebook while creating a new notebook we can select R notebook

  • R Studio, this is the default IDE to write code in R. Very well built UI has lot of options for customization

For Python :-
There are lot of options for python like Spyder, Jupyter notebook, Jupyter Lab ,PyCharm, Google Colab, Deep Note. Becasue of the popularity of python I see lot of options when compared with R

  • Jupyter Notebook, this is first, default IDE that every person in data science encounters and the most popular IDE for data science. Pretty useful and simple IDE which is best suited for simple, plain data science work. Has lot of options to better organise the information in the notebook, can include HTML to include any design and styles to the notebook to enhance its appearance and presentation

  • Jupyter Lab, same as jupyter notebook but an intelligent version of jupyter notebook. It has a dark theme which every programmer desires

  • Spyder, the default, first generation IDE for python, very powerful, simple UI and great experience. I like to use spyder when I want to dome