Best Data Science Interview Questions

Below I am sharing top data science interview questions and this time I am not providing the answers. Now it is your turn to answer, Try to answer them.

Q.1 Tell us about your favorite machine learning algorithm and why you like this?

Q.2 If you are a data scientist, how will you collect the data. What will be your data acquisition and retention strategy?

Q.3 Which uncommon skills you can add to your data science team?

Q.4 How did you upgrade your analytical skills? Tell us your practices

Q.5 If I will give you a data set, what will you do with it to know whether it suits your business needs or not?

Q.6 Tell us how to effectively represent data using 5 dimensions.

Q.7 What do you know about an exact test?

Q.8 What makes a good data scientist?

Q.9 Which tools will help you to succeed in your role as a data scientist?

Q.10 How would you resolve a dispute with a colleague?

Q.11 Have you ever changed someone’s opinion at work?

Q.12 According to you, what makes data science so popular?