Benefits to Using Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions have a ton of benefits for you. Here are a few of the top perks:

  1. Maximized Ad Text
    Before a customer clicks on an ad, there are a few things they may want to know. For instance, they may want to know your location or phone number.

But regardless of what extra information users might want to know, it’s unwise to fill your ad text with details like contact information. It’s too many wasted characters! And it wastes time manually entering all of that extra information.

By contrast, ad extensions are easy. You’ll enter this information just once, and you can enable them for any ad group or campaign you think could benefit. (We’ll go over the how a little later.)

  1. Increased SERP Real-Estate
    Probably the most obvious statement about Google ad extensions is that they take up more space. Take a look below:

chiropractic ad extension example 2
The first ad takes up six whole lines all by itself, and they even have a “more” option with a drop-down.

Although the second ad takes up four lines instead of six, extensions with links, location, and hours add variety and color to the ad.

Finally, the third ad only used the phone number extension. While this is valuable, the ad is less impactful overall by contrast.

The takeaway: Google ad extensions are free real estate on the SERPs, and Google will use up to 4 of them at any given ad auction. Start taking up as much room as possible!

  1. More Qualified Leads
    Google ad extensions give a lot more information to the user up-front.

Armed with more information, only those who believe they’re a good fit for your business will engage with the ad. Most poor-quality leads will see that they’re not a great match for you and self-disqualify.

In addition to buying intent, users who click on extension ads will more likely convert on post-click landing pages since they know what to expect once they land on your site. In other words: relevant extensions = an informed, empowered user = user action.

  1. Better Ad Quality
    Ad extensions improve ad quality, and by extension, ad rank. One aspect of ad rank is the expected impact of ad formats (relevance, CTR, and prominence of the ad format).

From Google directly, having ad extensions will automatically increase your Ad Rank. Google favors them because it allows Google to offer a better variety of ad formats and include more relevant information for the searcher.

In summary, since ad extensions are larger ads designed for relevance and improve expected CTR, Google rates the format as a whole more favorably.

So a higher CTR means a higher ad rank and a higher ad rank…

  1. Could Save You Money
    If you’ve followed along to this point, then you’ll know that using ad extensions will raise your ad rank and can take up more space on the page.

Both of these factors increase your Click Through Rate, which impacts quality score positively. Fortunately, all of this culminates in a lower cost-per-click (CPC).

The lower your CPC, the less you’re paying per click. And the less you’re paying per click, the less you could potentially pay per conversion. The less you’re spending for a lead, the more money you’re making for less.