Benefits of the SDLC?

SDLC done right can allow the highest level of management control and documentation. Developers understand what they should build and why. All parties agree on the goal upfront and see a clear plan for arriving at that goal. Everyone understands the costs and resources required.

Several pitfalls can turn an SDLC implementation into more of a roadblock to development than a tool that helps us. Failure to take into account the needs of customers and all users and stakeholders can result in a poor understanding of the system requirements at the outset. The benefits of SDLC only exist if the plan is followed faithfully.

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SDLC is the process of planning, creating, testing and deploying.
It makes it clear what the problem or goal is. It is easy to get ahead of yourself when taking on a large project.
The project is designed with clarity.
It will be properly tested before being installed.
Without the SDLC, the loss of a project member can set you back and potentially ruin the project.
When designing and implementing a project, a software development life cycle is the solution.