Benefits of Hiring a Junior Developers

  • Raw talent: Juniors are often hidden gems. Because companies don’t like the idea of training them, they miss real talent. Many junior developers are incredibly talented and have an impressive learning curve, so mentoring them is highly beneficial not only for them but also for the company. Consider it as an investment!
  • Innovation and creativity: Juniors bring new ideas to the table. IT teams sometimes get stuck with the same problem, and juniors who are constantly up to date with the latest tools and ideas are likely to bring creative solutions to old problems.
  • Flexibility: They have a lot of time in their hands. Senior developers often have families to take care of or other commitments that juniors don’t. They are totally fine with working many hours as long as they can keep learning and building their careers.
  • Passionate: Most juniors are starting their careers; therefore, they are eager to learn and work as much as possible. This leads them to be passionate about what they are doing, and therefore their productivity levels are frequently at their highest peak.
  • Lower salaries: IT talent tends to be expensive, especially if you live in countries with higher living costs. Juniors, because they don’t have as much experience, are likely to charge lower salaries, making you save thousands of dollars.