Basic mistake Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when you use your target keyword too frequently in your content. Some tools can assist you in preventing keyword stuffing so that Google doesn’t ping you for this bad habit.

To prevent stuffing, avoid adding your keyword more than once every 200 words or so. If you add the keyword 2-3 times every 200 words, you’re probably keyword stuffing.

Think about how far Google has come—you don’t need to spoonfeed it. If your content answers a user’s query and provides solid information on that topic, Google is probably more likely to recommend your page than a page that doesn’t answer the question but repeats select keywords.

Another way to prevent this poor habit of SEO is to use related keywords or phrases that are similar to your primary keyword and incorporate them into your content.

Our most important advice for using keywords is to sprinkle and not spam.