Bar Charts Vs. Pie Charts

You might know that Bar graphs/plots are usually preferred over Pie charts when it comes to Data Visualization. But what does Bar Graph do better that Pie charts cannot? 2 of the biggest points that I can say:

:bulb:Firstly, Bar graphs use heights of bars as measurement which makes it very easy to visualize and evaluate the difference in measurements between two groups.
However, in the case of Pie charts, relative angles and areas are used which is not that easy to interpret. You would hardly be able to see the difference between 2 groups whose values have less difference. But with Bar graphs, even the slightest difference in values is clearly visible as the difference in heights of bars.:nazar_amulet::bar_chart:

:bulb:Secondly, and most importantly, you cannot compare multiple groups in the same Pie Graph. With Bar graph, you can easily plot 2 or more values for each group in the same graph but in different colors, and the difference will be clearly visible. :mag:
This is extremely important during EDA when you want to compare, for example, marks of 3 students in 5 subjects.
Can you think of more examples? Or do you know of any time when Pie charts were better?
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