Automatic Campaign Keyword Targeting?

Although broad, phrase, and exact match keyword types are only available for [manual campaigns all Sponsored Products campaigns using [automatic targeting
now come with enhanced keyword targeting options. They are as follows:

  • Close-match: Your ads will be matched closely to the search term.
  • Loose-match: Your ads will be matched broadly to the search term.
  • Substitutes: Your ads will be shown along with the substitutable products.
  • Complements: Your ads will be shown along with affiliated products.
    match type is a key consideration when creating your initial keyword list and will help you guarantee that you are not leaving out any potential strong performers. By limiting your keyword set from the start, you will have less insights to learn from, and experimentation is critical when it comes to optimizing your keyword research process and structures on an ongoing basis.

Be sure that your keywords are relevant, as there is a limit of 1,000 keywords per ad group with Sponsored Brands and manual Sponsored Products campaigns.