Audit Your Current On-Page SEO

First, you should see where you stand by performing an audit of your current on-page SEO strategy. The following are things to look for during this audit:

  • Title tags: These tell Google what your pages are about. Ensure they’re unique and of the appropriate length (50 to 65 characters).
  • Meta descriptions: These are short descriptions (100 to 155 characters) that show up below your webpage in search results. The meta description should be concise and paint a clear picture of your page’s content.
  • Header tags: Ensure your page has properly formatted headings and subheadings (H1, H2, etc.) in HTML instead of headers in bolded regular text. Search engines give special weight to words that appear in header tags when determining what your site is about.
  • URL structure: Ideally, the URL for any page on your site should be short and simple and contain relevant keywords (such as those appearing in the content’s title).
  • Images: Both the image file names and alt text for the image are factors considered by search algorithms when determining how to rank and classify your content. Not only that but these increase the accessibility of your site. Ensure the image file name and alt text are relevant and aligned with the content.
  • The content itself: Is it engaging and relevant, or could it use some sprucing up? Is it at least 300 words in length? Quality content tends to rank better than poor content that won’t keep a user on the page for very long.
  • Check links: If you have links to other content, make sure those links still work. It’s generally best to avoid linking to competitor content and often a good idea to have a few high-quality internal links attached to relevant and descriptive anchor text.
  • Social media: If marketing is an important part of the website, make sure social media profiles and share buttons are linked to your pages.

Once you’ve audited and made adjustments to your current pages and strategies, you can begin to zero in on keywords more specifically.