As an HR person, what is your view on job eliminations?

In the HR field, you often have to make tough calls. One of those, unfortunately, is job eliminations, whether through layoffs or firing. That probably shouldn’t be the first move you make (a performance improvement plan, for example, can be just what you need to bring an underperforming employee up to snuff). But when that doesn’t work out, or an employee does something particularly egregious, there comes a point when you need to let an employee go for the good of the company — and it’s important to communicate to your potential employer that you understand that.

The ability to think strategically—and use that skill to successfully grow and help lead the company—is important in HR roles. They must know the strategic needs of the company, in all departments and at all levels, and must have the skills to look for and retain people that meet those needs.

8 of the Biggest Challenges for HR

  • Engaging the Workforce.
  • Attracting Talent to the Enterprise.
  • Managing Relationships.
  • Training & Development Strategies.
  • Talent Retention.
  • Diversity in the Workplace.
  • Embrace Inevitable Change.
  • Employee Health & Well-Being.