Are you willing to relocate is an important Wipro interview question?

Yes, it is, Given that Wipro has clients in more than 175 locations on six continents, you’ll almost certainly be asked if you have a preferred location or are prepared to work anyplace in India.

Wipro asks this inquiry to see whether you’d be interested in working at one of its other locations in India or around the world. Answer this question honestly, without thinking about how it might affect your job prospects. Explain your reasoning for your response so the interviewer has a better understanding of your particular situation.

You have two options: either indicate you are certainly willing to relocate, demonstrating that you will go to any length to be a part of the firm and team, or you can say you are not interested in relocating. You may also use a carefully worded ‘maybe’, knowing that relocating is a huge life adjustment. ‘I would want to continue my career in this city, but this employment is a fantastic opportunity for me,’ for example. I would definitely consider relocating if it is necessary.’