Are you a self-motivator? How to answer this question?

Interviewers frequently inquire about your motivations. Hiring managers want to know what motivates you and whether your motivations match what they’re looking for in a candidate for the position. Employers want to know that you will be a dedicated worker who is excited about what you do. They want to know that you will perform your best job regardless of whether or not your employer asks you to or whether you are promised a reward.
As a result, when an employer asks, “Are you self-motivated?” you should respond affirmatively. A strong response to this question, on the other hand, will go beyond a one-word response and offer concrete examples of your self-motivation.

How to answer the question
Provide one or two concrete instances of times when you exhibited your enthusiasm for and devotion to your career while answering this question. Make sure you concentrate on examples of occasions when you performed very well, not as a result of external pressures (such as a supervisor asking you to do something or a monetary incentive), but as a result of your enthusiasm for the activity.
You may also discuss a moment when you conquered a difficult obstacle or established a challenging goal for yourself. These kinds of instances might also demonstrate how you keep yourself motivated through challenging situations.

You do not need to offer a working example if you are fresh to the job market or changing fields. Instead, recall a time when you performed admirably just because you were enthusiastic about the assignment.
Perhaps you planned and conducted an event for your extracurricular organization, or you worked diligently on a school assignment (as long as you did this work because of your interest in the topic, not because of concern for your grade).
You may also mention how you’ve been self-motivated to learn more about the field in which you’re presently looking for work.