Are there any AI projects at Accenture India? Are there any AI projects at Accenture India?

There aren’t any stand-alone AI projects. AI has a wide range of applications across all clients and projects.


  1. Accenture applies AI to all initiatives to integrate frictionless insight and experience into technology interactions. As a result, Accenture avails businesses to amend the customer experience in every engagement with the company.

  2. Accenture’s AI Platform Solutions are utilized in various projects (I can’t give concrete client names), such as music apps and news aggregators that cull information for users predicated on their browsing and utilization history.

  3. Then there are virtual chatbots or auxiliaries, which are increasingly being utilized in customer-facing industries such as banking, indemnification, online retail, and peregrinate.

  4. Accenture withal uses machine learning in more significant roles to direct actions toward ameliorated results and engender keenly intellective experiences for clients, as visually perceived in sectors such as perspicacious agriculture, auto indemnification, and oil and gas, to mention a few. Accenture’s project arsenal includes them all.

  5. Accenture has the right resources to deal with the present digital disruption and transformation, with AI being one of them.