Are mock interviews useful?

Are mock interviews useful ?

Mock interviews are extremely useful

(A) It gives the required practice to the candidate and helps him/her revise some of the standard questions in the interview like (1) Introduce yourself (2) What are your strenghts/weaknesses (3) Where do you see yourself 5-10yrs down the line (4) Techical / job related questions like - What were your main duties, what did you learn on the job (5) Why did you choose this specialisation (6) Why should we select you for this job… etc etc

(B) Ensure that mock interviews are conducted in the most realistic manner, i.e. should stimulate a real interview - (1) Its conducted by a senior who understands how to conduct an interview (2) Its done after reading the resume (3) The interview covers all parts of resume as well personality-related questions (4) Try to have specific type of interviews like (a) stress interview (b) technical interview etc.