Are machine learning jobs still in demand in 2020?

Yes, in 2020 and beyond, Machine Learning will be a hot topic. However, we must also consider the hype aspect. Because there is such a high demand for machine learning, there are businesses sprouting up all over the place claiming to use it.

So, let me offer you a few instances of industries where machine learning will play a significant role.

Manufacturing — With shorter lead times and aggressive GTM (Go to Market) plans, companies are turning to machine learning to predict potential problems and correct them before they cause downtime. This is it. Analytics Predictive.

Healthcare - Advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques are being used in the healthcare industry to diagnose cancers based on medical imaging. This will be a game-changer in terms of properly identifying the hallmark profiles of Covid, Cancer, and other diseases in order to arrive at an early diagnosis.

Retail - Major retailers, such as Amazon, are employing object and picture recognition algorithms to keep harmful content from being submitted. These are accomplished via machine learning approaches based on the detection of aberrant patterns and pictures. As more people shop online, machine learning becomes a great tool for making the process safer.

Financial/Credit Card Fraud - To detect fraud, banks and finance businesses employ machine learning to discover unusual patterns based on transactions and account behaviour.

As you can see, these are all valid and significant uses of machine learning in solving issues that people cannot solve at scale. There is a slew of other industries that might benefit from machine learning. However, we must be careful not to oversell the notion of machine learning for non-essential applications.