Aptitude round questions for campus placement for Fractal Analytics?

Aptitude round for Fractal Analytics is generally made up of three parts namely Ability to communicate verbally, Quantitative Aptitude (which is to evaluate a person’s ability to do numerical calculations) and logical reasoning.

  • First and foremost, practice your math skills. Improve your computation speed by attempting to solve problems within a set time restriction. Make a list of relevant subjects for it. You can use old question papers to help you figure out which themes are significant. Try to answer every crucial question without looking at the answer, and practice frequently.

  • Increase your logical reasoning by practicing more and more questions on various themes in order to improve your speed and time management skills. Refer to many resources to uncover shortcuts, tips, and strategies to tackle any given question, and then learn it to improve your problem-solving abilities.

  • Read a variety of English books, such as novels and storybooks, to expand your vocabulary. As a result, you’ll be able to improve your pronunciation as well. To enhance your grammar, create articles or stories in English that you are familiar with in your mother tongue.