Application Engineer Interview Experience of Oracle

Position: SDE-1
Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad
On Campus Offer
Selected for the profile: Application Engineer

First Round: Written Technical

The written round was conducted on oracle’s platform and the duration was 122 minutes precisely.

It consisted of MCQs on 4 major areas – Software aptitude, English, coding skills, and technical skills (like OS, DBMS, OOAD, CN). The 4 sections were further subdivided into 4-5 smaller sections containing 7-8 questions each and each subsection had a time limit of around 8-10 minutes. There was only forward scrolling ( so once you skipped a question, you would have to traverse till the end and then loop back). Also once marked, you cannot change your answer to the question. There was nothing mentioned about negative marking.

Around 65 students were shortlisted for each of the 2 profiles (server tech being the other profile)
out of 355 students.

F2F Interview 1 (Technical)(45 min):

Due to the large number of candidates shortlisted for interviews, each interviewer was handling 2-3 candidates simultaneously. He directly fired different coding questions on us without wasting even a second. I was given to implement the next_permutation() function of c++ and the other student was asked about the excel sheet problem

After this round, I was told to wait outside. Another interviewer was present there and he quickly
asked me 2 more coding questions
Product of Array except itself - GeeksforGeeks and the

Another question was - given a paragraph find which alphabet doesn’t occur in it. The key to this round was to give a simple, quick, and optimal solution wrt time and space. A normal solution led to a direct exit from this round without any deliberations.

F2F Interview 2 (Technical) (2 hr):

The same interviewer took me in for the next round. In this round, he was even more strict and direct. He first asked me about the manhole puzzle, I started giving him the solutions that I knew
but he refused to agree to any of them, finally, after 7-8 possible solutions he changed the question
saying that all solutions were wrong.
Then he asked me to design a database that could calculate and predict using queries the finishing date of a project assigned to me. (Given to me was a list of jobs involved in the project, their dependencies, and the time taken to complete each job ). Again he started refuting all my solutions and indirectly stressed that I better give the correct solution or exit !!!
Then finally after 1.5 hours, he agreed to my solution. He revealed that he was satisfied with all my solutions from the start. (so basically it was kind of a stress interview and he wanted to see how many solutions can I come up with).

F2F Interview 3 (Managerial) (75 min):

After the second interview, I was called in for the managerial round that was taken by the senior
Interviewer of the panel. He was very friendly and helpful and started a general discussion
about me, my hometown, my family, etc. Then he moved on to my resume and went through it line by line, cross-questioning me at every stage about my school, achievements, projects, etc in detail.

After this, he asked me some technical questions about normalization with examples. Then he asked Why Oracle? and why this profile? There were some questions from the PPT as well !!! Then he gave me a design question in which I had to make screenshots of an app for Library management,
covering all aspects and details. I also had to make the back-end tables in a normalized manner along with the functional dependencies. I continued for about 45-50 minutes and he was satisfied with my solution. In the end, he asked if I had any questions and I asked 2-3 questions. He then recommended me for the HR round.

F2F Interview 4 (HR) (20-25 min):

The HR lady was neither friendly nor strict. She started by asking about my background, my family,
hobbies, etc. Then she asked Why oracle? She also asked about my location preference and the
reason behind it. This was followed by a character test where she enquired about my strength and
weakness. I was again asked some questions from the PPT !!! In the end, she asked if I had any
questions for her and I asked 3-4 questions.

So, that was it. After 5-6 hrs of unending wait, I got selected for the profile of Application Engineer.