Apple Interview

Hello Everyone,

Much like the company itself, Apple’s interview process has minimal beaucracy. The interviewers will be looking for excellent technical skills, but a passion for the position and company is also very important. While it’s not a prerequisite to be a Mac user, you should at least be familiar with the system. The interview process typically begins with a recruiter phone screen to get a basic sense of your skills, followed up by a series of technical phone screens with team members. Once you’re invited on campus, you’ll typically be greeted by the recruiter who provides an overview of the process. You will then have 6-8 interviews with members of the team for which you’re interviewing, as well as key people with whom your team works. You can expect a mix of 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 interviews. Be ready to code on a whiteboard and make sure all of your thoughts are clearly communicated. Lunch is with your potential future manager and appears more casual, but is still an interview. Each interviewer is usually focused on a different area and is discouraged from sharing feedback unless there’s something they want subsequent interviewers to drill into. Towards the end of the day, your interviewers will compare notes and if everyone still feels you’re a viable candidate, you’ll interview with the director and then VP of the organization you’re applying to. While this decision is rather informal, it’s a very good sign if you make it. This decision also happens behind the scenes and if you don’t pass, you’ll simply be escorted out of the building without ever having been the wiser (until now). If you made it to the director and VP interviews, all of your interviewers will gather in a conference room to give an official thumbs up or thumbs down. The VP typically won’t be present, but can still veto the hire if they weren’t impressed. Your recruiter will usually follow up a few days later, but feel free to ping your recruiter for updates.

Definitely Prepare

If you know what team you’re interviewing with, make sure you read up on that product. What do you like about it? What would you improve? Offering specific recommendations can show your passion for the job.

What’s Unique: Apple does 2-on-1 interviews often, but don’t get stressed out about them - it’s the same as a 1-on-1 interview!

Also, Apple employees are huge Apple fans. You should show this same passion in your interview.