Always use Use Keywords Naturally

If you write your content and avoid keyword stuffing, that’s a good start. But what does it mean to use keywords naturally?

Here’s an example.

In your keyword research, you might discover commonly searched keyword phrases like “coffee shop near me.”

This particular keyword is difficult to place in content naturally because of how it’s written. For instance, you would not start a blog post with “Looking for a coffee shop near me,” especially if you are composing content for a reader and referring to them as “you.”

When incorporating keywords, trying to force them into sentences when they already have a strange order may also pose a problem. The keywords “coffee shop famous” may be difficult since it is a seemingly incomplete search query. Your blog post title shouldn’t read “10 Coffee Shop Famous in Seattle.”

It’s just not natural.

Using a semantic version of the keyword in the title is a better idea. In this example, you could use “10 Famous Coffee Shops in Seattle.”

o when you are adding keywords, make sure they fit into a sentence like any other word would, so the reader wouldn’t even know the difference.

In general, it’s best practice to focus on creating great content that answers users’ queries and gives them valuable information on the topic they’re searching for. Create good content rather than over-analyzing the number of times you place a keyword or fitting the exact match keyword in perfectly.