AI or Data Science?

The terms data science and artificial intelligence are frequently used in the current data-driven world. While Data Science can assist in certain areas of AI, it cannot cover them completely.

Let’s look at the differences between Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to clear up all the confusion:

  1. The Data Science method includes analysis and prediction. On one side, artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of advanced computer algorithms that resemble human intellect.

  2. Data Science employs various analytical methods, whilst AI employs complex algorithms.

  3. The techniques used in Data Science are far more extensive than those used in AI. This is because Data Science entails several steps for analyzing data and creating insights from it.

  4. Specialists use Data Science to create models that are based on statistical knowledge and insight. AI, on the other hand, is used to create models that mimic neural correlates and human understanding.

  5. In comparison to AI, data science does not require a high level of scientific encoding.

Throughout this Data Science vs Artificial Intelligence comparison, we learned that the two terms are used equally but AI is still unexplored. While Data Science is indeed a job that analyses data, Artificial Intelligence is a tool to create better quality products and give them individual autonomy.