AI engineer vs data scientist

AI engineer is more of a software engineer where as a Data Scientist is more of a researcher! In any discipline scientist makes a discovery whereas an engineer is responsible for implementing it on a practical scale or for mass production.

So for example, an e-commerce company is interested in segmenting their customers, a data scientist will pave way in identifying the features / alogirthms that work best whereas an AI engineer will be responsible in deployment of the ML model building and prediction process in order to make real time predictions.

My current job falls somewhere in between.

I work at a startup and do a lot of coding of some of the ML and ETL parts.

I also work on analyzing data, making reports and maps, and writing some internal documentation.

I enjoy both kinds of work since they require (somehow) different skills.

If you, like myself, want to work on both ends, try joining a startup.

That being said, I am starting to specialize a little bit more on ML engineering.

You will need to pick some specialty (could be a wide range) at some point.

Best of luck!