After 2 year what will be the salary in L&T Infotech?

The following is the answer of a current employee.

I presently work for L&T Infotech and agree with some of the responses already given.

  • First and foremost, it is dependent on your level of involvement with L&T Infotech. Was it an associate or executive level position, or did you start as a new employee? I’d be able to provide accurate information because I joined as a fresher on college placement.
  • As a GET - II, I was offered a package of 4.18 LPA, which included a 40k variable pay. If you are a GET - I, your CTC will be lower, whereas your package would be higher if you are a GET - III or GET - IV (from NITs or IIITs).
  • As I was GET - II after one year in LTI, my package was increased from 4.18 to 4.78.
  • They have a policy of increasing compensation based on your performance, which is closely reviewed by your manager/technical lead; hence, a strong and positive relationship and your success will result in a higher percentage increase.

So, towards the conclusion of my second year, I’m anticipating a CTC of around 5.5 LPA. I expect this is the highest, with the lowest being around 5.3 LPA.