Advantages of using Power BI?

Here are a few advantages of using Power BI over other applications:

  • ETL/Data Recovery Suite: Power BI has a robust set of tools for implementing the ETL(extraction, transformation, and loading the datasets) capabilities. Data preparation and transformation are very important before moving to the visualization part. Power BI allows the user to directly build reporting datamarts and remove any ambiguities present in the datasets.
  • Custom Visualization: Power BI provides you the flexibility of creating custom visualizations and add them to your dashboards and live reports. Custom reports help the planners and decision-makers to identify the problems and make the best decision to improve their performance in the market.
  • Q&A Capability: Power BI is capable of executing natural language queries with the help of Power Query and Power Q&A. Power Bi use AI and Natural Language Processing(NLP) algorithms to process the commands given by the user and produce the desired results.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need to be an expert to visualize your data and create reports in Power BI. It has a simple interface that allows even a non-technical user to transform the raw data into visually interactive dashboards and reports.
  • Price: Compared to other BI and data visualization tools, Power BI is highly affordable. Small businesses can use power BI for free and take smart decisions to improvise their performance in the market. Moreover, Power BI Pro comes with an array of features for just $10 a month.