A Complete Guide On How To Start Preparing Yourself For Consultancy/Big 4

Step 1: Learn Basic Math and Problem Solving
The first process/round of a consulting firm or Big 4 is an aptitude test round designed to test a candidate’s next very important skill.

  1. Logical thinking ability
  2. Quick Calculator Skills
  3. Decision-making body
  4. Critical Thinking Skills

Step 2: Become a good and confident communicator
Consulting / Big 4 companies excel because they employ many other roles that require good communication skills, primarily because they are required to communicate with customers for business analysts, technical consultants, and solutions. The focus is on finding candidates with communication skills. Because of the variety of business problems and the interaction with many people to work for a company, these companies need candidates with good communication and candidates who are good at analysis and have good problem-solving skills.

Step 3: Good at puzzles and logical thinking
Consulting firms and the four largest companies usually test a candidate’s thinking and problem-solving abilities. Therefore, you need to be sensitive not only to problem-solving skills, but also to thinking skills such as solving random puzzles and presenting solutions based on specific situations.

Step 4: Have sufficient knowledge of technical skills and persuade a personnel interview
This is the final round of the interview and your resume will be used to assess your technical skills. Therefore, keep your resume clear and short, and make sure you have enough one-page resumes and not too long. Don’t brag about your skills there. This round is entirely resume-based, so all questions will be asked based on the skills described in your resume.

In the HR round, candidates are evaluated for communication, attitude, self-confidence, flexibility, enthusiasm, behavioral skills, and more. Be confident in this round of the hiring process, but it’s best not to be overconfident. You need to be honest and polite when answering questions.

Stay motivated, work hard, and be patient! Good things take time!