6 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2021

Today, businesses are carrying out marketing activities in a way that does not offer the desired results. It is necessary to change your strategy and focus on other areas that will help you better achieve your business goals.

1) You need a digital marketing strategy because others are doing it
The truth is, many competitors already framed their digital strategies; they’re calculating their efforts, focusing on customer acquisition and growth. A good example of successful companies with well-thought-out digital strategies can be found within the retail industry. Take Amazon for instance: this retail giant has invested $20 billion into its online channel in 2016 and currently they have 230+ million active customers. But not only that, the company is also investing in online video advertising because they know that in 2021 customer experience will be a top priority for shoppers (if you want to learn more about Amazon marketing strategy check out this post from Karon Thacker ).

2) You need a digital marketing strategy because it is the future of retail
Retailers should start thinking about how e-commerce will change the way people shop in 2021. With innovations like 3D printing and drone deliveries, there are no physical limitations anymore – your clients or customers can order anything anytime, anywhere. A good example of an e-commerce store to follow is Farfetch. This London-based trendy fashion site has 1.6 million users that make about 75,000 searches a day and they are always looking for innovative ways to expand their business (they even partnered up with Alibaba).

The final prediction is: as online retail expands further in 2021 there will be more companies providing this service. This means that you need to have a digital marketing strategy if you want to stand out from the competition.

3) You need a digital marketing strategy because people demand it
In 2017 Gartner’s survey said that 90% of consumers expect businesses to offer personalized services by 2020. So now comes the question, how do you achieve this? It all begins with having an adaptive website and other channels where customers can see what your company offers. The secret is in the data – that’s how you can anticipate your customers’ needs and develop a streamlined digital marketing strategy.

4) You need a digital marketing strategy because it helps achieve business goals
In today’s business world, it can be hard to keep track of all the things that need to be done. Especially when there are many different stakeholders (clients, employees, relevant authorities) involved in making decisions or providing feedback. Having a clear digital marketing strategy not only helps you measure your success but also achieves agreed-upon company goals. This way you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and working in one direction.

5) You need a digital marketing strategy because it’s necessary for progress and innovation
Having a well-developed digital strategy will help you prepare for future trends and make sure that your business is always innovative. With more people using mobile devices as their main source of information, e-commerce businesses must develop an app experience that will give customers convenience and value so they can buy products from anywhere at any time - even on the move.

6) You need a digital marketing strategy because it’s essential to success
If you own an e-commerce business, you’ve already established that people can buy your products or services via the internet and what are they more willing to do, than clicking on links that present them with something of value for free? This is where content marketing comes in place - companies should provide customers with useful information in order to attract them (the keyword here is “useful” if it’s not quality enough then don’t bother). It has been said that by 2020 the global mobile Internet user base will be 2 billion people. That means there are billions of potential clients you could reach online – increasing your conversion rate. With a strong digital marketing strategy, you are going to make the best out of it and reach your business goals.