5 Tips for Instagram Marketing (Part 3)

  1. Use your hashtag. Once you start to build up a large following with one hashtag, you can also create another tag that links back to your leading brand’s account. Here, you’ll be able to find new customers and reconnect with existing ones!
  2. Find a visual way to identify your content. If everything comes from the same source, how is a potential customer supposed to know what company or product they should buy from? You need some form of branding on each one of your photos so people will have an idea of what they see every time they look at it.
  3. Get creative with job postings. Just like any other job posting system that exists today, you can post a note on Instagram that describes what you’re looking for and asks people to tag themselves or their friends. This works great if you have an open position, but it also works just as well for upcoming contests or even simple promotions!
  4. Paid to advertise. While this certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s essential to know about the existence of sponsored photo ads that will help you reach a new audience without having to do much work at all (besides creating a fabulous image). Of course, the quality of your image is crucial here since paid advertising doesn’t always mean that these people are actively interested in what you have to offer (but they didn’t come by naturally either).
  5. Use Instagram as part of your larger marketing strategy. Once you’ve seen how well your photos do on Instagram, consider using the lessons you learned from them to inform your other marketing efforts. For example, if you’re posting a picture of your product, can you use it elsewhere as well (like in a Facebook ad or an email)?