5 Steps to Successfully Implementing New Technology in the Workplace

Companies of all sizes are facing a digital imperative: introduce new technologies effectively or face competitive obsolescence. In fact, 78% of us feel achieving a digital transformation will become critical to our organizations within the next two years.

Despite the urgency to adopt new technologies, 63% of us feel the pace of technological change is too slow. Hurdles appear in the form of poor training, the inability of new technologies to speak to existing systems, and just plain disgruntled or habit-oriented individuals.

So how can you roll out a new software or device to your team without backlash and growing pains? Here are five steps to successfully implementing new technology in the workplace:

1.Investigate technologies that will solve problems for your company.
2.Assemble an implementation team to champion the new technology once you’ve chosen it.
3.Implement the technology through a pilot program to work out kinks and gain buy-in.
4.Train your employees to use the new tool.
5.Launch, fine-tuning the tool to fit your needs as you go.