5 Key Differences between Direct Marketing and Brand Marketing

Marketers mainly focus on two things in their day-to-day activities —– 1) Direct Marketing 2) Brand Marketing. There is always a question as to how much time, money and resources have to be allocated among these two.

Here are the 5 key differences between them which can help to devise a successful Marketing Plan;

  1. Objective

Direct Marketing is intended towards generating demand and increase the revenues of a company.

Brand Marketing is all about connecting with the audience at a much deeper level through stories.

  1. Urgent Vs Important

Direct Marketing has immediate effect in the top line revenues. High-level of urgency and importance is usually given.

Brand Marketing has a long-term effect on the brand equity and work as a shield against the market forces (like competition). It’s not urgent, but highly important.

  1. Mindset

Direct Marketers always think about —- testing and measuring.

Brand Marketers think about —- Differentiation

  1. Metrics

Direct Marketing metrics are — response, leads, conversion, sales.

Brand Marketers focus is on metrics like — awareness, recall, recognition, engagement (likes, shares, views, media mentions)

  1. Time

Direct Marketing is like sprinting. (Need results in quick time)

Brand Marketing is like running a Marathon. (It takes time)