3 things to keep in mind during resume building

A lot can be found over the internet regarding the art and craft of resume building. Honestly I myself have gone through tons of those during resume building during placements at IIM Nagpur. Here is the summary of my analysis in 3 crisp bullet points:

  1. Every sentence your resume should deserve a place on it. If its not adding incremental value then remove that sentence

  2. Structure of each sentence should have aleast two parts:
    A. The “What” : a crisp summary about your role / project
    B. The “Impact” : this is the crux of every sentence. Try to quantify the impact in as a number
    Example: Identified high value digital opportunity leading to 20% additional revenue for the company

  3. Add power verbs and keywords in your resume. Given the age of AI, most of the fortune 500 companies have implemented text analytics in order to save cost. So, its important to use the right set of words (relevant to the type of job you are looking for) for the resume to get pass screening