Xplain the features of the Linux system?

The following are the main characteristics of the Linux operating system:

  • Linux is a large community-driven project with open-source code that is publicly available. Multiple teams cooperate to develop the Linux operating system’s capabilities, which are always expanding.

  • Linux has a unique feature: it is a multiuser system, which means that several users may share system resources including memory, RAM, and application applications.

  • The ability of software to operate on a range of hardware systems, in the same way, is referred to as portability. On almost every hardware platform, the Linux kernel and application software may be deployed.

  • Linux is a multiprogramming operating system, which means it can execute many applications at once.

  • The Hierarchical File System (HFS) in Linux provides a uniform structure for system and user data files.

  • A custom interpreter application is included with Linux that allows users to perform operating system programme commands and instructions.

  • Linux provides user security through authentication techniques including password protection, restricted access to certain files, and data encryption.