Why shouldn't we hire you? How to answer this question?

“Why shouldn’t I employ you?” is probably towards the top of a list of difficult interview questions. These kinds of questions might throw you off your game if you don’t prepare for them ahead of time.
This is a more hostile variation of the standard question, “What is your greatest flaw?” With each of these questions, the main goal is to utilize your response as an opportunity to showcase strength.
If you’ve answered right, here is an opportunity for you to shine!

How to answer this question
To accentuate a strength, the easiest approach to answer this question is to turn it around. Select a trait that can be viewed as a plus in this company’s culture or job function (whereas in another corporate setting or job, this same quality might not be embraced).

There is no such thing as an employee who is without flaws. As a result, declaring, “There’s no reason not to hire me,” will come out as deceptive. It will also give the impression to your interviewer that you are either immodest or unable to think on your feet. Neither of these outcomes is desirable. Mention anything, even if it’s something minor like being a little sluggish in the morning.

Another way to react to this question is to imitate how you would respond to the question, “What is your biggest weakness?” Mention a flaw, and then explain how you’re trying to overcome it. Make sure you don’t reveal any flaws that might make you unfit for the job.