Why is so hard to get a full-time front end developer position job?

If I had to categorize the characteristics, we evaluate when hiring front-end developers, I would divide them into various groups.


The “skills” component refers to your level of expertise, your portfolio, and your ability to address various challenges. Some workers are expected to be only programmers, while others must be engineers, depending on the job’s complexity.

Although slice a PSD is helpful for smaller agencies, more extensive projects require additional abilities, such as working with numerous libraries and grids, automating dependencies with Bower, and meeting accessibility criteria such as Section 508 - Section 508 Checklist.

You have given yourself good marks in PHP, Rails, and Angular; therefore, I recommend you take some tests to assess your position.

Company/Community Awareness

It is a poor sign to go into an interview without knowing its core product or service offering. Companies frequently request motivation letters because they seek employees who would be a good match for the organization and understand their motivation and aims.

It would be advantageous if you were a relevant community member when looking for a job in the front-end sector. There are meetups for JavaScript, CSS, and WordPress all over the place (especially in the New York region), and there are thousands of open-source products to contribute to, or at the very least be an online member of. Many agencies are looking for persons enthusiastic about their work and willing to put in the extra effort.

Salary Requirements

That is, without a doubt, a factor for any firm (even the largest), so do not overlook this crucial feature. Conduct some study in your field and seek out people in comparable positions.

This should not be a problem if your expectations are reasonable.

After an interview, you can inquire about standard wage ranges with your interviewer; some will disregard your query, while others will follow up.

Furthermore, employment sites sometimes feature job offers with wage ranges, and you are presumably familiar with your area’s medians.