Why is a Blockchain UX designer need?

The Blockchain UX designer role recently came to the forefront. With the rise in cryptocurrencies, there has been a sudden rise in demand for jobs related to Blockchain. In the early days building a blockchain was all about building protocols and backend that made it more functional. As the promise and expectation of Blockchain grow, there is a criticism that the industry was not able to fulfill its expectations. Nowadays, as anticipation rises, the user needs to see it in the front end to believe it. So the industry’s focus is gradually shifting towards making an excellent interface and making valuable tools to the users. So the demand for UX designers in the blockchain industry skyrocketed.

As the era of eCommerce, blockchain technologies, and AI and exciting prospects of combining these into a single proposition to boost customer buying, a clean interface for users to interact with are essential for firms to implement driving the UX Design in Blockchain.