Why get a CFA?

Following career-boost arguments makes CFA one of the most valuable tickets in your pockets.

  1. CFA is the most prestigious designation in the stream of Finance
    For asset managers and other financial industry players, no other professional qualification bears the same weight. For research analysts and asset managers, the CFA credential is the most valuable. Portfolio management, pension funds, hedge funds, and fund of funds are all areas where these people work. Finally, they may engage in private banking or financial consulting.
  2. The course outline of CFA curriculum is very holistic in nature and uplifts your finance knowledge
    Taking the CFA test and studying the curriculum is a good method to guarantee you have a strong knowledge base and top-notch technical abilities if you’ve decided to pursue a long-term and successful financial profession.
    The CFA program is intended to cover all bases. And by that, I mean everything relating to money and investing, whether directly or indirectly.
    3. CFA Charter aids in Networking Opportunities
    CFA societies are currently established in more than 70 countries and may be found in all major cities across the world. The quantity of CFAs is amazing, and it provides you with an unrivalled network to use in your career. CFA societies provide job ads with firms that are expressly recruiting for charterholders. However, if you are actively networking within society, your chances of securing this sort of employment are significantly better.
  3. You have the power to waive off the licensing requirements as a CFA
    Because the CFA charter is internationally recognised, several nations have eliminated some or all of the licencing criteria for credentialed professionals, primarily in the investing and trading fields.
  4. Major Investment Firms will be more than happy to hire you
    While no qualification in finance or accounting will guarantee you a job, the CFA credential is a great benefit. With this qualification, you’ll have a great chance of landing a position with some of the industry’s largest names.