Why do you need to learn javascript today?

Why do you need to learn Javascript today ?

Since the beginning of computer programming, there have been a lot of programming languages, like C, C++, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Java, Python, etc.

There are many programming languages which are obsolete today, no one uses them. In 80s, we had C, 90s came with Java and in 2000s we first saw Python.

But when it comes to Web Development, Javascript was there when Web was invented, and it is one of the mostly used language now a days.

There are a number of reasons, JS is very popular

  • Concept of “Javascript Everywhere”, and every browser supporting it.
  • Capability to code end to end in just one language.
  • A vast number of very popular frameworks and libraries.
  • A very large community that supports JavaScript.

Right now, we have a lot of JS framework and libraries such as Angular, React, Express, etc. After 10 years from now, developers might not use them, but they will still be using something which is built on top of JavaScript.