Why are you looking to leave your current job or already left?

Why They Ask: If you’re in an interview, you’re obviously on the hunt for a new opportunity.

You don’t need to dive into the dirty details of why you’re bidding adieu to your current employer. However, this question gives greater insight into what you’re looking for in your next position — which your interviewer can use to determine whether or not there’s a mutual fit between you and this company.

Additionally, they get a strong grasp on the quality of your character — particularly if you don’t fall into the trap of bad-mouthing your current or previous employer.

How to Answer: Instead of focusing on what you dislike about your current job, turn your attention to what you’re looking for in a new one.

For example, maybe your current company is small and offers limited opportunities for growth, and you’re looking for somewhere that you can stretch and challenge yourself.

Or, maybe you feel as if a number of your skills are underutilized, and you’re eager to land with an employer who wants to leverage all of your expertise.

What This Looks Like:
“I’ve learned so much in my current role. But, at this point, I know I’m ready to take a step up in my career and am looking for an employer who has greater opportunities and resources to support me in my career growth and development.”