Why are Personal Interviews a part of the MBA Admission process?

Personal interviews are the most important selection criteria of the entire admission process. They generally tend to have equal or more criteria as the entrance exams score in the final score of a candidate. A good entrance exam score can only get a student as far as shortlisting but a Personal Interview is a bridge to final conversion. By conducting a Personal interview, the institute is trying to judge whether the candidate is a good fit for their institute or not. Through personal Interviews, they try to determine whether a candidate has an overall personality to become a manager. They check whether the candidate is not only smart academically but has decent communication skills, clarity of purpose, strong reason to pursue an MBA, and whether he is a good pick or not. Interviewers check a lot of things in an interview ranging from the Body language of a person while answering to putting them in difficult situations and grilling them to check how a candidate performs under pressure. A personal Interview is a way to know more about the candidate and their academic background.