Which newspapers and sites should one follow before the CAT exam?

A reading habit is necessary for the CAT exam as it helps an individual with the VARC section.

  • As there are a lot of genres from which the CAT paragraphs are picked up, a candidate should start from the genre in which they are interested. This will help them to develop a reading habit eventually.

  • Going forward, they should try different genres identify the ones with which they are uncomfortable, and familiarize themselves with the terminologies and concepts within them.

  • Having an economics background, I started ready the economy section of the following newspapers- The Economic Times, The Hindu and the magazines – The Economist, The Outlook.

  • This helped me develop an interest in reading and I further started reading The New York Times, The Guardian, and a few book and movie review sites.

  • I also read about several terminologies in psychology and sociology. One can make additions and subtractions to this list according to their interest, comfort, and background.