Which field would you recommend a class 12 science student who wants to pursue a career in research?

There are numerous areas to consider.

Astrophysics - It is the study of the cosmos, the solar system, and beyond. It is necessary to have a solid understanding of math and physics.

Medical Physics/Biomedical - Research on medical gadgets and artificial organs (prosthetics) to help people with disabilities. A solid understanding of physics and biology is required.

Microbiology - Microbial study to solve issues such as AIDS, cancer, and other water/airborne diseases. Requires a solid understanding of biology.

Biochemistry - It is the study of the basic components of the human body, such as proteins and chemicals, and how they adapt and combat infections. Make use of this information to offer personalized medications. Requires a solid understanding of chemistry and biology.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning – Robotics/Neural Networks research and data-driven machine training to imitate human behaviour. a strong grasp of mathematics and statistics