Which are the most popular start-up hiring in Operations domain?

India is in the growth stage for the start-up ecosystem. There are thousands of start-ups which are shaping up, according to a report on the start-up ecosystem in the world, India received a total of 24 billion dollars’ worth of funding which is the second highest in the world. With new companies, there are more roles open for individuals to work in. Operations as a department has seen a very steep need of managers and staff as it is considered to be the backbone of the company. New companies are in search for employees which are committed and goal driven and at the same time would help in the development of company keeping aside personal growth and are team players. There has been a hike in hiring in B schools by Start-ups. The top start-ups which are hiring in the Operations domain are as follows:
• OYO Hotels and Homes
• Cure Fit
• Tap Chief
• Bounce
• Rivigo
• Mfine
• Udaan
• Dunzo
• Upgrad
• Simpl
• WhiteHat jr.
• Bizongo