Where Does Machine Learning Fit In? - 3


Algorithms that can learn from data to describe the data and predict outcomes for unseen data are useful for addressing complex problems. As such, machine learning methods are used in applied computer science fields such as Data Mining and Data Science. Additionally, there are related fields of Artificial Intelligence that study intelligent methods that also learn from data and their environment. Examples include Computational Intelligence and Mateheuristics.

Let’s review the related fields of Computational Intelligence, Data Mining and Data Science and learn how machine learning methods applied.

Computational Intelligence

The field of Computational Intelligence is concerned with the study and construction of systems that are easy to specify but result in complex emergent behaviours. Many computational intelligence systems are inspired by natural systems such as evolution, the immune system and the nervous system for subfields such as evolutionary computing, artificial immune systems and artificial neural networks. Computational Intelligence is a branch of artificial intelligence. The field is concerned with questions of explaining how complex emergent behaviours are derived from simple rules and what problems they are best suited to address.

Many computational intelligence systems learn from interactions with their environment and as such have been adopted as machine learning methods.