When should one start preparing for GD/PI rounds of MBA admissions?

During the selection process, group discussions or written ability tests, as well as personal interviews, are vitally significant. Many pupils’ chances have improved as a result of this phase.

  • Candidates who are ill-prepared will miss out on that all-important call and will not be admitted to their dream college, but others will transform their fortunes and be accepted to the best simply by performing well in this round.

  • If the selection process is likely to begin in January or February, the very least you can do is start preparing right immediately.

  • Even if you don’t get a call, GDPI preparation is beneficial. You must read enough material, prepare interview answers, and practice writing essays in order to prepare for this step. Reading will be a never-ending process in and of itself.

Having said this, the timing for preparation also depends on the examination schedule of an individual, along with their confidence and time at their disposal.