What would my salary be if I stayed in a company like Accenture/TCS/Infosys for 10 years?

"As an individual, you are the CEO of your firm, and it is your responsibility to maximize your profit," verbalizes the author. So keep switching jobs.

  1. I’d relish offering my experience as a former Infosys (Accommodation Predicated) employee and Adobe Systems (Product Predicated).

  2. Experiment to learn more rather than being stuck with a single entity for a decennium. It will be tough for any interviewer to repudiate you if you are a proficient developer with outstanding communication facilities.

  3. Returning to your query about a salary for someone with ten years of experience ( in a good product predicated company mostly )

  4. It all depends on what you’re intrigued with. You can become a Project Manager (PM) or a Technical Architect by culling one of the two verticals (TA)

Option 1: If you operate the PM vertical, you can work for any good accommodation-predicated organization with great projects. With fewer onsite opportunities and lower pay of roughly INR 15-20 LPA, this will be a more comfortable life.

Option 2: You can work your way up the programming ladder to become a TA. On a typical substratum, you will be challenged on your technical quandary-solving skills, but you will have an excellent onsite opportunity and a good salary of roughly INR 25-30 LPA.

Now it’s up to you to make decisions about your vocation. Best wishes