What was your most successful/most challenging data analysis project?

When an interviewer asks you this type of question, they’re often looking to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as a data analyst. How do you overcome challenges, and how do you measure the success of a data project?

Getting asked about a project you’re proud of is your chance to highlight your skills and strengths. Do this by discussing your role in the project and what made it so successful. As you prepare your answer, take a look at the original job description. See if you can incorporate some of the skills and requirements listed.

If you get asked the negative version of the question (least successful or most challenging project), be honest as you focus your answer on lessons learned. Identify what went wrong—maybe your data was incomplete or your sample size was too small—and talk about what you’d do differently in the future to correct the error. We’re human, and mistakes are a part of life. What’s important here is your ability to learn from them.