What was your biggest success? | PM interview questions

Question’s Purpose
This question is a trap! It looks like a blank cheque to brag about yourself, but it’s not. It’s not your biggest success they’re after — it’s the biggest success you’ve delivered for the customer they want to hear about. Do you see the distinction?

How to Answer
Don’t talk about how amazing you are. That should come out organically in your answer. Tell the story about the pain you were trying to solve and its dire consequences for the user. Tell them about how your team collaboratively worked together to come up with a solution and how that solution solved that pain. Be proud of the team. Be proud of their efforts. And be proud of the positive change you made in the customer’s life. That’s the best kind of answer. It lets them know you are collaborative, driven, and passionate for the customer. Anything is else bragging, which puts your perceived importance above the team and the customer, which is not good.

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