What type of marketing is door-to-door?

Door-to-door sales (or D2D) is a direct selling method, a canvassing technique that is commonly used for sales, marketing, advertising, and campaigning. In D2D, sales reps visit potential customers in their homes and convince them to buy products or services.

Selling door-to-door involves several stages:

  • prospecting (a process of searching for new potential customers);
  • qualifying (or identifying the customer’s needs that match your product/service features);
  • pitching (making an offer and describing its benefits in detail, actually proving that your product solves the customer’s problem);
  • closing (asking the customer to buy the product or order a service);
  • follow-up (establishing contact with the customer to make sure that he has received the order and any needed support, and that they are satisfied).

In the B2B field, sales reps visit various companies, trying to land an appointment with organizations’ decision-makers. B2B sales sometimes involve additional ways of persuasion — for example, demos and presentations.