What should I do to prepare for a data engineering interview?

Things To Focus On:

  • Programming and coding skills to hone: As important criterion for data engineering interviews, programming and coding skills, as well as the capacity to apply complex algorithms, are considered. The coding portion of the interview is usually more practical and focuses on the data side.

  • Improving Your SQL Skills: SQL is one of the most important skills that data engineers must have. SQL assists big data frameworks such as SparkSQL, pandas, and KafkaSQL in data processing. It also aids in the translation of business inquiries that end users can execute on your table.

  • Data architecture: Engineers must be well-versed in information infrastructure and big data systems. While experience is preferred, you always can make the case for yourself by improving your abilities and properly comprehending the topic through the use of appropriate web resources.

  • Explaining the use cases: Describing the business challenge and the solution your team devised to address it will allow recruiters to assess your knowledge and thought process. The candidate should expect questions regarding how you collaborated with your team to build the solution, the frameworks and tools utilized, the impact of the resolution, problems encountered, and so on.