What roles one should aim for in finance field?

Because practically every other workplace in the corporate sector and the workplace in the government needs well-trained professionals in the field of accounting and finance, the scope of an MBA in Finance is broad.

Financial Consultant

A Financial Advisor is one of the most lucrative profiles in the vast field of MBA in Finance. You will be dealing with your clients’ funds or the organisation with whom you are working in this profession. You will also be expected to advise investments, risk management, and other financial matters. Furthermore, as a Financial Advisor, it is critical to keep up with market trends, as this will assist your customers in making the best investment selections on which services or products to invest in.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is another key component of the Or industry for MBA graduates with a finance background.

Investment bankers’ job is to offer or advise their clients on how to raise money in the capital markets by issuing debt or selling stock in other companies.

They play an important role in IPOs and advise companies on the greatest investment prospects and make judgments on mergers and acquisitions.

Risk Manager

Now, just on the term alone, we can get a general notion of what a risk manager does, but let’s learn a little more about it in detail. The primary responsibility of a Financial Risk Manager [FRM] is to identify and assess all risks, particularly potential risks, that could obstruct an organization’s progress and function as a roadblock. Furthermore, risk managers assess the risk and develop and implement policies to effectively combat these risks. Studying for an MBA in Finance will allow you to learn more about these topics in depth, allowing you to successfully pursue this broad area.

Equity Analyst

It’s impossible to talk about the scope of an MBA in Finance without mentioning the role of an equity analyst. They are in charge of a variety of critical tasks, including analysing the company’s stock market situation, making annual estimates utilising financial modelling, and conducting research. They examine both sell-side and buy-side securities since they are very research-oriented.

Hedge fund Manager

Hedge fund investments use a range of strategies to achieve a positive active return for its investors, such as swapping assets with pooled funds. Hedge fund managers are critical in the fight against investment goals and objectives, fees, and liquidity requirements. MBA in Finance graduates who want to work as a Hedge Fund Manager are usually hired by financial or investing organisations.