What it is like to work as front-end developer?

Front-end developer is a fast-paced and very responsible role. There is a reason that skilled front-end developers are so challenging to come by.
The great majority of people who attempt to become front-end developers will burn out and either quit or grow discouraged.

If they were formerly a backend developer, they would revert to that role. They try to go up the management ladder as quickly as possible before anyone notices how bad they are at front-end development.

Once they achieve the level of being a solid front-end developer, they try to get promoted to managerial-level as quickly as possible since the work is too uninteresting.

Burnout is common in front-end development because the majority of time is spent investigating why the browser is not communicating correctly with the server (typically involving async io). Most people do not know how to solve bugs of this nature or do not have the patience to learn how to do so.

In complex projects, an inexperienced front-end engineer may finish developing code for a task without checking for io and mistakenly believe the task is 90% complete when it is only 10% complete.

End-to-end integration, which includes the io debugging discussed earlier, accounts for 90% of the actual labor. The knowledge that everything has to be rewritten late in the game can be incredibly off-putting and distressing.