"What Is Your Dream Job?" How to answer this question?

“Tell me about your ideal job,” for example, might be a difficult interview question to answer. Even if your ideal job has nothing to do with the position you’re looking for, don’t bring it up unless it’s relevant. Instead, make an attempt to tie your response to the job you’re applying for.
Learn more about what information interviewers are hoping to get from your answers, as well as some dos and don’ts for responding to this question.

How to answer the question
Your answer to the question should ideally include some aspects of the work at hand. For example, if the position is in customer service, you may state that your ideal work would involve a lot of client engagement. You may alternatively respond to this question by focusing on the industry: You can highlight your interest in environmental issues if you’re looking for a job at an environmental nonprofit. Another approach is to tailor your response to your desired workplace culture and surroundings. You may state, for example, that you want to work in a collaborative atmosphere or be a member of a motivated team. Just make sure the setting you’re describing is compatible with the culture of the company where you’ll be working.

Make a job profile to help you come up with a solid answer. Consider what you want in a career and build a “profile” of your dream position that contains some of those responsibilities.
Your “dream job” doesn’t have to be a specific title, such as “Account Executive” or “Public Relations Director,” but it may contain a variety of duties you’d want to have. Skills you love utilizing and the sort of business culture you thrive in can also be included in your profile.
Make sure that some of those aspects correspond to the job description for which you are applying.